Ello.co is a beautiful, simple & transparent ad-free social network.  Ello is designed with the end user in mind,  not advertisers, promising “You are not a product”.  The site is a collaboration between Paul Budnitz,   the graphic design lab Berger & Föhr, and the technologists at Mode Set.

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Featured Press

  • Ello Among Most Well-Funded Startups By State

    Ello is among a list of the most well-funded startups in each state, based on a venture capital database that receives equity funding reports.

  • Ello To Open Online Marketplace, Remain Ad-Free

    Ello founder, Paul Budnitz, recently announced that the social media website will include an online marketplace for creators to sell their work to other users. In addition, content on the site will be viewable by everyone on the web, making it more open and accessible to non-registered users.

  • Ello Founder Paul Budnitz Interviewed by FastCompany

    Ello founder Paul Budnitz spoke with FastCompany about Ello’s future as it grows its user base.

  • ‘Anti-Facebook’ investors dig deep for Ello

    Ello, which launched in August, has also become a Public Benefit Corporation, which prohibits its current and any future owners from breaking that promise. The network plans to make money by introducing micro-payments for additional features.

  • 7 Things to Know about Ello

    But Ello has been brewing for months — in Vermont, of all places. The company is based in Burlington and funded by Vermont venture capital.

  • A Social Network with No Ads?

    The social media site promises not to show its users ads or mine their data. And Ello is striking a chord with consumers: The social media site said it’s getting 45,000 requests to join an hour.

  • Ello Answers Critics with $5.5MM in Venture Capital

    What is that mission? Lee Bouyea of FreshTracks Capital says Budnitz made it clear when pitching FreshTracks. “Paul came to us over a year ago and said, ‘I want to build an ad-free social network,’ and he’s never wavered from that vision, and we bought into that vision when we funded this back in January.”

  • Ello is Starting to Look More Like a Business

    The buzzy social network with an anti-advertising mission takes small, important steps toward eventual revenue generation. But someone did invest—again. Ello revealed on Thursday that it raised $5.5 million in a Series A funding round. The company also announced that it has become a legal public benefit corporation, or PBC.

  • Ello on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

    The Pros and Cons of Joining Ello was featured by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show in October 2014.

  • Ello’s Wild Ride

    As for the new company becoming financially viable, the Ello team and FreshTracks are committed. “If we are successful, the company will have numerous opportunities to deliver a financial return to its founders, employees and investors,” Bouyea said.

  • Ello Launch Captures Media Attention: NPR, VPR, BFP, Inc., Boston Globe & More!

    Burlington-based social media site, Ello, made its debut recently and garnered more than 200 media requests for interviews last week.

  • Ello: An Explosive Launch

    Ello, a sleek and stylish social media site that recently launched, has seen explosive growth in the past few weeks, according to the Vermont venture capital firm that provided a significant amount of funding for the start-up.