Culture Fresh Foods Inc. is about creating the freshest and healthiest Dairy + Non-Dairy Spoonables, Spreadables & Beverages. 100% plant-based, using a wide variety of nuts (except peanuts), oats, beans, seeds, etc to create Cultured Plant-Based Spoonables: Yogurt, Sour Cream, Spoonable Smoothies; Hot Fill Plant-Based Products: Pudding, Desserts; Plant-Based Spreadables: Dips, Soft Cheeses, Plant-Based Butters.

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  • FreshTracks Invests in Culture Fresh Foods

    FreshTracks is pleased to announce its recent investment in Culture Fresh Foods which will produce non-dairy, plant-based products that include yogurts, milks, butters, spreads, and protein beverages.  Founded by Tom Moffitt, Culture Fresh will open production in the former YoCrunch facility in CT.  Moffit formerly worked in the dairy industry, manufacturing yogurt for a variety… Read more »