Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

FreshTracks provides venture capital financing to promising young companies with a focus on businesses with a significant presence in Vermont. However, we do invest outside of Vermont. Unlike many larger venture firms, angel groups, or individual investors, FreshTracks is very willing to meet with entrepreneurs early and often in the process of their venture, and we highly encourage Vermont entrepreneurs to contact us to discuss their business plan. Although FreshTracks funds very few of the businesses that we diligence, we always try to provide cogent advice to Vermont entrepreneurs and we facilitate introductions to other capital resources as necessary.

Venture capital is risk capital that supports promising young companies and innovative business ideas that cannot be financed by traditional bank financing. Venture capital takes many forms but is typically preferred equity stock or debt which is convertible into equity upon a subsequent event or milestone.

By policy FreshTracks commonly does not sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, but we keep our conversations private and do not disclose proprietary information regarding the businesses we meet with.

We suggest that entrepreneurs send us a concise executive summary or power point presentation that provides an overview of the team, product/service, potential market, and the basics of the business model. After we review the material, we can schedule a meeting with the entrepreneur to discuss.