SunCommon’s mission is to tear down the barriers to renewable energy. They do that by making it easy and affordable for all its customers to go solar.   SunCommon has installed over 1,000 solar systems on homeowners’ rooftops, but about 50% of all homes can’t host solar because they don’t face the sun, or are shaded by trees or chimneys.  In response, SunCommon launched Community Solar Array (CSA) solution in 2014 so that all of its customers could go solar, using access to solar through the grid using a group net metering solution.


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Featured Press

  • SunCommon and Hudson Solar Join Forces

    SunCommon is expanding into the greater Hudson Valley region through a merger with Hudson Solar of Rhinebeck, NY.

  • SunCommon Expands With New York Partnership

    SunCommon recently announced its partnership with Ontario, NY company Sustainable Energy Development (SED).

  • SunCommon and Rock Art Brewery Toast Solar Powered Beer!

    “At SunCommon, our commercial program focuses on helping Vermont businesses reduce their energy costs, so they can spend on what matters – like serving amazing, local beer,” said Mike McCarthy, Solar Project Consultant for SunCommon.

  • SunCommon Collaborates With California Solar Tech Firm

    SunCommon has joined California’s Sunpreme Channel Network — a strategic partnership program designed to deliver the most advanced solar products and expertise to residential, carports and commercial clients through leading solar installers.

  • SunCommon Partners With NY Clean Energy Company

    SunCommon is partnering with New York clean energy company Sustainable Energy Development (SED) with a community solar program that will benefit customers of Rochester Gas & Electric.

  • SunCommon’s Waterbury Expansion Underway

    In just four years, SunCommon scaled its staff from 16 to 65 employees, and quickly outgrew its onsite conference room for Monday morning meetings. SunCommon will lease 8,500 square feet of a new 14,000 square foot net-zero building now under construction in Waterbury.

  • SunCommon Launches New Store in Rutland

    SunCommon recently expanded into Rutland County with a satellite office in downtown Rutland, sharing space with Small Dog Electronics.

  • SunCommon’s Duane Peterson Receives VBSR Terry Ehrich Award

    Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) is pleased to name Duane Peterson, founder and co-president of SunCommon, as the 2015 recipient of the Terry Ehrich Award for Excellence in Socially Responsible Business.

  • Solar is Hot in Chilly Vermont

    “Renewables will save Vermonters hundreds of millions of dollars,” predicts Duane Peterson, copresident of SunCommon, the state’s largest residential solar company.