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  • Founded 2012
  • Investment: Series A – Series A-3
  • Founders: Andy Rossmeissl, Robbie Adler, Seamus Abshere
  • Board Member: Cairn G. Cross Chairman
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Faraday is a B2B cloud software provider which uses ethical artificial intelligence to help direct to consumer companies make predictions using responsible data. Faraday does not believe in data scraping or cookies and has developed a robust set of fully permissioned data by working with reputable vendors.  The company can help customers predict propensity to buy, develop customer personas, determine lifetime value and model steps of the customer journey. 

Faraday’s customers include Boll and Branch, Marley Spoon and Burrow.  The company employs more than 60 people from offices on Pine Street in Burlington, Vermont, the heart of Vermont’s burgeoning technology scene.

FreshTracks first invested in the company in 2014 serving as the Lead Investor in the company’s first outside round of capital and has continued to invest through multiple rounds from both FreshTracks Capital III and the FreshTracks Growth Fund