DealerPolicy provides software to automobile dealers, which is used as part of the Finance and Insurance (“F&I”) workflow when closing an automobile sale. The DealerPolicy software allows dealerships to automatically provide insurance quotes to new car purchasers during the sale process. Customers can select from more than a dozen insurance quotes in seconds, saving time… Read more »

SAASable is an AI-driven software dashboard that allows financial professionals to measure key business metrics, then report and visualize those key performance indicators for stakeholders.

Defendify is an all-in-one, SaaS-delivered cybersecurity platform designed specifically for small businesses. The first of its kind, Defendify is uniquely affordable, flexible, scalable, and simple.

Culture Fresh Foods Inc. is about creating the freshest and healthiest Dairy + Non-Dairy Spoonables, Spreadables & Beverages. 100% plant-based, using a wide variety of nuts (except peanuts), oats, beans, seeds, etc to create Cultured Plant-Based Spoonables: Yogurt, Sour Cream, Spoonable Smoothies; Hot Fill Plant-Based Products: Pudding, Desserts; Plant-Based Spreadables: Dips, Soft Cheeses, Plant-Based Butters.

AskFora connects Gig Economy workers with Hiring Managers

Sustainable natural sweeteners and condiments sourced from coconut nira – the sap of coconut flowers. Big Tree Farms creates good-for-you products to support a better-for-us world.

Kafina™ Organic Energy Elixir offers extraordinary physical energy and mental focus with zero chemicals or crash.

Curate, control, and communicate your brand’s most valuable assets from one integrated, secure, easy-to-use spot in the cloud.

Benchmark Space Systems provides life extension, collision avoidance, and advanced operation for the next generation of satellites, with innovative propulsion technology and services.

Virtual Peaker is a software platform that manages residential electric demand.

Caledonia Spirits, maker of Barr Hill Gin, Tom Cat Gin, and Barr Hill Vodka.

Ogee is a Vermont-based company that makes luxury organic skincare and beauty products.

Redd (Radiant Energy Deliciously Delivered), founded by Alden Blease, offers great-tasting plant-based superfood energy bars that deliver Positive Energy™.

Within the fast-growing energy bar category, Redd offers great-tasting plant-based superfood energy bars that deliver Positive Energy™.

Maximum strength, multi-action hemp-based supplements to Keep Your Pet Stronger for Longer™

DRINK SIMPLE is a rapidly-growing maple water brand that features only one ingredient, straight from the tree.

Horse Network is a digital publishing platform for horse lovers, athletes, equine professionals, and hobbyists.

Social Sentinel helps safety and security officials better protect their communities by alerting officials to threats shared – publicly – and right now.

THINKmd offers a mobile evidenced-based pediatric “medical intelligence” platform for community healthcare professionals.

IrisVR is a software platform allowing architects to automatically convert their design files into a virtual reality format.

Mamava delivers design solutions for nursing mothers on the go, making the world a friendlier place for women to pump or breast feed.

NEHP is the industry leader in smart modular product solutions, bringing process utilities to capital equipment & tool installations.

Solar-powered lighting combining the latest in photovoltaic & LED technologies with its patent-pending SO-Bright™ technology.

Budnitz Bicycles creates the lightest, fastest, and most elegant city bikes in the world.

SunCommon’s is tearing down the barriers to renewable energy by making it easy for all its customers to go solar.

SAAS delivering better customer acquisition to the home improvement industry.

Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers.

Clean energy company specializing in catalyst technology to decontaminate & upgrade of crude oil

mophie develops and markets the #1 selling mobile battery case in North America. Widely acclaimed for innovative mobile solutions, mophie is the proud developer of the juice pack.

Travel technology company delivering mass transit solutions when and where they are needed most

Solais is an innovative LED lighting designer selling into the residential, commercial and retail markets.

CPS provides liquid, chemical & gas products and services for industrial facilities.

NativeEnergy is a national marketer of renewable energy credits (RECs) and high-quality carbon offsets.

Kohort is the ultimate solution for group management.

ISIS designs high-quality performance-oriented women’s outdoor apparel.

The leader in monitoring & control of solar power systems, maximizing the efficiency & profitability of PV projects.

Designing classic handmade bears made in VT for over 20 years. Now also offering Calyx Flowers & PajamaGrams.

Quirky is a community-driven, social product development firm striving to make invention accessible. 

M2S is the leading provider of advanced medical technology derived from 3D imaging.

GetWellNetwork, Inc. is a leading provider of Interactive Patient Care solutions based in Bethesda, MD.

The EatingWell Media Group is emerging as a leading national source of contemporary nutrition, cooking and wellness

Affinity credit card offering consumers carbon offsets.


Aircuity, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of intelligent indoor air monitoring systems.