THINKmd offers a mobile evidenced-based pediatric “medical intelligence” platform for community healthcare professionals.  The MEDSINC (Medical Evaluation and Diagnostic System for Infants, Newborns & Children) mobile software tool is an evidenced based, integrated medical intelligence product that provides a self-training, frontline pediatric clinical severity system to determine how sick a child is and automatically generate therapeutic recommendations.

MEDSINC significantly expands the point-of-care clinical capacity of community health workers, nurses and physicians by determining clinical assessments for the most important clinical conditions currently affecting children. MEDSINC provides an expansion of pediatric healthcare capacity, and disrupts the healthcare delivery paradigm between existing skilled and unskilled frontline healthcare workers. This task-sharing shift in healthcare delivery addresses a major humanitarian and global health care need for children in developing regions, and will ultimately lead to a decrease in the mortality and morbidity in children as measured by a decrease in disability adjusted life-years.