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  • Founded 2003
  • Investment: Series A
  • Founders: Jameson Job
  • Board Member: Cairn G. Cross

SAC Inc.


SAC Incorporated was originally founded in the 1970’s and has grown from a small regional construction and industrial supply company into a North American leader in the design, engineering, fabrication and delivery of process piping, pipe support systems and structural steel fabrications.

In 2003, the company was purchased from the original owner by the Job Family, beginning its transformation into the company it is today. Under the Jobs, SAC Incorporated has built a business by understanding and supporting our clients’ needs, adapting and innovating to the ever-changing marketplace, while supporting the shared values of the people who have contributed to the company’s success.

SAC is focusing on the water, power, energy and industrial markets bringing its industry expertise and focus on integrated project delivery to work dynamically in even the most demanding of situations. With its mission to “Create value for our clients, our partners, and ourselves,” SAC continues to innovate and adopt practices that will put them at the forefront of an evolving industry.