SunCommon Launches New Store in Rutland

SunCommon recently expanded into Rutland County with a satellite office in downtown Rutland, sharing space with Small Dog Electronics. Rutland City Major Chris Louras emphasized the positive economic impacts he sees from SunCommon investing in Rutland. “Rutland is a great place filled with great people and local businesses,” said the Mayor. “I am particularly excited that SunCommon is joining Rutland County’s growing green energy sector.”

SunCommon expects to install over 100 solar systems on Rutland County homes in the coming year, a number of those projects will include both a solar and clean heating component. The company has teamed with Excel Plumbing and Heating of Rutland to pair SunCommon’s PV solar arrays with heat pumps. To read the coverage, click here: SunCommon Celebrates Launch into Rutland County.

Duane Peterson, President and co-founder of SunCommon and Solar Organizer Els Van Woert stand outside of SunCommon's new store, located inside Small Dog Electronics in downtown Rutland, on Wednesday Sept. 24, 2014. SunCommon announced their launch into Rutland county bringing affordable residential solar to homeowners with no upfront cost.