Caledonia Spirits Releases Maple Vodka

Vermont Business Magazine 4/2018  Caledonia Spirits, nationally recognized distillers of Barr Hill since 2011, is launching Experiments in Agricultural Rectification – a new small batch spirits project with a mission to capture the provenance of Vermont’s agricultural and forage crops. The first release of the project will be available on Saturday, April 7th at the Caledonia SpiritsDistillery in Hardwick, and the Made in Vermont Marketplace at the Essex Fairgrounds.

Experiments in Agricultural Rectification (E.A.R.) was born from a mission to support the local agricultural opportunities in the area.

“Distillation begins with agriculture, our still is merely a tool of crop preservation. This project allows us, as distillers and farmers, to push on boundaries, and uncover value in the land,” says Christiansen. Located in the agriculturally rich Northeast Kingdom, the distillery strives to celebrate the variety and character of ingredients available – and the farmers, sugar makers, and foragers that work the land throughout the seasons to cultivate them. The project allows the growing craft distillery to further support their local agriculture while bringing exciting and unique spirits to market.

Batch 001: Vodka distilled from 100% Vermont maple syrup is the first E.A.R. spirit to emerge. Ryan Christiansen, Caledonia Spirits President and Head Distiller, worked with Farnham Farm Maple to tap 2,000 maple trees on his property in Plainfield, Vermont. The Farnham’s then boiled the sap to syrup before it was brought to Caledonia Spirits for fermentation and distillation.

“This product is the result of local collaboration. Working with Kevin and team has allowed us to access sugar sources from our literal backyard, while the partnership allows Kevin to earn a return on his work that is more rewarding than the competitive bulk syrup market.” ~ Ryan Christiansen

The 80 proof Vodka is maple on the nose, clean and crisp, traditional in flavor, and finishes with a soft and delicate maple sweetness. This exclusive distillation, just shy of 1,600 bottles, will be available for sale from their tasting room and at events they attend throughout Vermont. 

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