The following is the article from WCAX.com: VT Teddy Bear Takes PajamaJeans Global

Two Vermont-based companies are teaming up to market PajamaJeans. PajamaJeans were invented by the people at Vermont Teddy Bear. They’re made to look like real jeans so they can be worn in public. But they’re soft like pajamas, to be comfy around the house.

They were originally made for Teddy Bear’s Pajama-Gram mail-order company. But PajamaJeans sold so well during the 2009 holiday season that the company started looking for new ways to market them, both in stores and on TV.

“We thought we had something special when we first started talking about the product and as we started to introduce it to consumers we saw a terrific response in our current business,” says John Gilbert of Vermont Teddy Bear. “And so felt that this is something really big that we needed to partner with somebody else with.”

They chose Williston-based Hampton Direct.  That marketing company is responsible for selling popular products like the Wonder Hanger.