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  • Founded 2021
  • Founders: Randall Headrick & Chad Miller
  • CEO: Skylar Bagdon

Verde Technologies


Saving the world with perovskites. Verde is a thin film solar manufacturing startup using innovative roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques and next generation perovskite to commercialize lightweight, flexible solar panels, making panels that will be accessible for all and better for our planet. Since Verde’s panels are 10x lighter than traditional silicon panels, weight barriers for rooftop panels are eliminated and shipping and installation costs decreased, making them an affordable choice. The company has secured partnerships with leading perovskite experts worldwide to drive innovation and advance the cause. In addition, Verde is collaborating with several  distinguished institutions such as The University of Vermont, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and UC San Diego. Verde was recently awarded the U.S. Department of Energy’s Perovskite Startup Prize, which will provide resources to develop a domestically manufactured lightweight and flexible perovskite solar module that will result in lower installation costs and increased energy efficiency.  The team was awarded a $500,000 cash prize and a $100,000 technical support voucher to continue their journey toward commercializing their concept.