The evergrowing Road Pitch, brain child of Cairn Cross, co-founder and managing partner of Fresh Tracks Capital, brought entrepreneurs and investors together for five days of touring Vermont to listen to about 50 local startups pitch their business ideas.

While financial investment is the ultimate goal of the trip, Cross says it’s only one way Road Pitch fosters Vermont’s “entrepreneurial ecosystem.” Another is through feedback. Even if that means gently directing business owners back to the drawing board. Rider and engineer Jeff Finkelstein says his peers on the trip try to be helpful, not aggressive. “You don’t want to dissuade someone from their passion. But on the other hand, you hate to have someone venture down a path that you think may be fruitless,” Finkelstein said. Through this process, startups learn more about the “business of business.”  Read the full coverage in the Boston Globe here: Head out on the highway, looking for investments.

Road Pitch 2016 Riders Listen to Presentation