Burlington Free Press’ Coverage of Ello:


The Burlington-born social media site saw an explosion of interest after a blitz of media attention last week. Over the weekend 40,000 users an hour tried to activate accounts —which requires an invitation from an existing user. Each Ello user can invite five friends.

Tech Crunch, Business Week, Bloomberg, Fortune, and The New Yorker, among many others, have all published stories about Ello in the past week.  FreshTracks, a Vermont venture capital firm, invested $435,000 in Ello almost a year ago.

The man behind the money, FreshTracks Capital Managing Director Lee Bouyea, is lead partner on the Ello investment account and is on Ello’s board of directors. He said the Ello team had more than 200 media requests for interviews last week.  “A core group of users responded in a big way to the manifesto and the platform,” Bouyea said. “They are a creative class of people who wanted a platform to communicate with their constituents.”

As for the new company becoming financially viable, the Ello team and FreshTracks are committed. “If we are successful, the company will have numerous opportunities to deliver a financial return to its founders, employees and investors,” Bouyea said.

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