Burlington-based social media site, Ello, made its debut recently and garnered more than 200 media requests for interviews last week.  Ad-free Ello, founded by serial entrepreneur Paul Budnitz and funded in part by FreshTracks Capital, is currently in Beta and seeing hourly signups of up to 40,000 people.  Ello’s “manifesto” attracted a “core group of users who are a creative class of people who wanted a platform to communicate with their constituents,” said FreshTracks Managing partner, Lee Bouyea.  “We thought the user growth over the past two months was exciting”, said Bouyea. “Last week we saw this groundswell of excitement.  It spread virally like wild fire from there.”  According to Budnitz, “A social network is a place to be in contact with each other and talk to friends. If it becomes full of ads, it becomes clunky and cluttered and a little violating. That’s what people are responding to and why they are coming over to Ello. We built [Ello] specifically with creative people in mind, people who value content, with a good bit of discussion and dialog happening around that content.” To read the press coverage from BFP, NPR, VPR, and Inc., click on the links below:

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