EatingWell Lands Coverage on USA Today

Lisa Gosselin, editorial director of EatingWell magazine, says nutrition has become increasingly important to many consumers, and the amount of time they have to prepare meals has shortened considerably.

Cairn Cross Quoted in VBSR Article on Private Investing

Cross described the difference between angel and venture firms. Angels, he said, invest as individuals, each seeking his or her own profits. Venture capitalists are institutional investors who assemble a pool of capital from a number of partners and then invest that capital on behalf of those partners.

Cairn Cross Interviewed in Burlington Free Press

Responding to a question about the potential for an increase in alternative energy startups in Vermont, Cross says, “We are seeing many alternative energy and green technology companies forming or expanding in Vermont.

NEHP in Business People Vermont

Tarr is the founder and CEO of NEHP (formerly called New England High Purity), a Willison company that creates customized systems for modular construction of microelectronics, pharmaceutical, and biotech facilities.

VT Investors Look for Home-Run Pitch

The Burlington Free Press Following is an excerpt from this piece. To read the complete original article, please click here:Vermont Investors The Vermont Investors Forum annually brings together venture capitalists and creative Vermonters with young businesses on the verge of maturity. Eleven companies, with ideas ranging from sophisticated health care management software developers to organic… Read more »

Burlington Free Press: Angel Investors Come To The Rescue

Once a company has surpassed $1 million in revenue, it is ready for “early stage capital,” said Lee Bouyea, managing director of Shelburne-based FreshTracks Capital, Vermont’s only venture capital firm. The firm’s co-founder and managing director, Cairn Cross, also serves as co-chairman of the Vermont Investors Forum.

Cairn G. Cross of FreshTracks Capital

But Cairn (pronounced “Karn”) G Cross, cofounder and managing director of FreshTracks Capital, LP produces the one thing a business economy simply cannot do without: the entrepreneurs themselves.

FreshTracks Sources Deals at Peak Pitch ’06

The first things I noticed were the ski vests. “Green for those with dough,” explained Charlie Kireker of FreshTracks Capital, “and blue for those looking for dough.” For two hours, blue vests would ride up the chairlift making sales pitches to green vests.