Wuu is a beautiful and private messaging platform created by serial entrepreneur Paul Budnitz, with help from about 2000 friends.  Wuu is a safe & beautiful place to share a moment with best friends – without Likes, followers, ads, competition or lots of little tiny buttons.  The company believes that (1) Sharing Love is better than getting Likes (2) Your social life is not a popularity contest (3) Privacy & safety create intimacy, and (4) Every moment is beautiful.

The Seed round was led by Founders Fund, with participation from FreshTracks Capital.

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Featured Press

  • The Guy Behind Ello Just Built a Better Snapchat

    Budnitz sees Wuu creating a space beyond those global town squares. A space where you don’t trade like for like or obsessively track your follower count. A space free of #influencers because everything is private.

  • Wuu Reminds Us that Sharing Love is Better than Getting Likes

    Cool Hunting Article Published 3/23/17 – http://www.coolhunting.com/tech/wuu-app Though just released in the App Store, Wuu has been in a high-demand, closed beta for months. Invited users could invite their friends and that pass along quickly pushed the app to the 2,000 person limit imposed on pre-release iOS apps.