Draker is the global leader in performance monitoring and control of solar power systems, helping its customers maximize the efficiency and profitability of their PV projects. Draker was the first company in the United States to provide independent monitoring and performance analysis of energy produced by solar arrays. The type of independent energy metering, verification, reporting, and performance analysis we pioneered has become a key contributor to the rapid growth of the solar industry, allowing for validation and enforcement of incentive payment schemes around the world.  Draker’s turnkey hardware, software and service solutions are sold to a customer base that includes major global solar power plant developers, owners, and operators.

The company was acquired by BlueNRGY (OTC: CBDEF) in September 2015.

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  • Draker and Solar Power Technologies Merge

    Draker and Solar Power Technologies, Inc. (SPTI) jointly announce that they have successfully merged, effective August 21, 2012. The combination creates a global leader with the most innovative offering of performance management solutions for commercial and utility-scale solar markets.