Budnitz Bicycles creates the lightest, fastest, and most elegant city bikes in the world. Custom built for each customer, the company’s handmade titanium belt drive bicycles set the standard for exceptional beauty, speed, and comfort.  All bicycles feature top-end components, the majority developed for bike racing by small boutique fabricators in the USA, Europe & Japan.  Working exclusively in titanium and cro-moly steel, our handmade bicycles last a lifetime and are a blast to ride.

The company was founded in 2010 with the mission of offering top-end bicycles for daily use. We are committed to only make products that look beautiful, function to perfection, and are designed to last a lifetime.  Budnitz Bicyclees is based in Burlington, VT.

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Featured Press

  • Budnitz Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

    Paul Budnitz, founder of Budnitz Bicycles, Kidrobot & Ello.co, spoke with Rich Nadworny about the curiosity and drive that inspire him to innovate.

  • Budnitz Bicycles Releases New Short Film

    Budnitz Bicycles also released a new short film, “The Gift”, last month. The film film by award-winning filmmaker Russ Lamoureux features the Budnitz Model No.3 city bicycle, a beautiful woman, a pigeon, and a bucket of water