Bridj is a travel technology & services company delivering mass transit solutions when and where they are needed most, adapting in real-time to customer needs. Powered by data, the company uses a network of express shuttles that offer efficient and flexible trips that are as dynamic as the city you call home.

The company also does business under its BreakShuttle brand, offering group travel services to students when travelling home from college on Fall, Holiday & Spring Breaks.

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Featured Press

  • Bridj Becomes First Startup to Mandate $15 Minimum Wage

    In solidarity with the #FightFor15 movement, Bridj leads the national conversation by being the first to publicly support a sustainable wage for the shared economy.

  • Bridj Partners With Ford, Expands Into Kansas City

    Bridj, the Boston-based transportation startup founded in Vermont, is branching out to Kansas City and partnering with Ford Motor Co. and the region’s transit authority to offer on-demand bus service.

  • Bridj to Expand On Demand Bus Service

    Matthew George, the 24-year-old Bridj founder, said the bus network will operate with an initial capacity of about 500 riders a day and scale up to 15,000 passengers over time. More than 10,000 people have already signed up for the service.

  • Bridj – Creating Better Routes

    Economist coverage of Bridj: Yet a more interesting variation of the concept (which has been around for quite some time on the old continent in the form of sites such as BlaBlaCar and is the service offered by Bridj, a startup based in Boston. It crunches data from many sources, including Google Earth, Facebook,… Read more »

  • Bridj Raises $4MM, Hires Gabe Klein to Reinvent Your Commute

    TechCrunch coverage of Bridj:   Boston-based Bridj thinks it can do better, by implementing a low-cost alternative to those options. Rather than launching another single ride-hailing service, the company is building a series of dynamically generated bus routes. To aid in that quest, Bridj has raised $4 million in funding and made a big new… Read more »