Business People Vermont

Following is an excerpt from the Featured Article in November’s Business People Vermont. To read the complete original article, please click here: A Clean Act

Like any inventive personality, Adam Tarr loves solving things. Fifteen years ago, when he and his wife, Julie Spaniel, wanted to move east from Oregon to be closer to Spaniel’s family, they chose five states near the East Coast and threw a dart. “The dart landed on Burlington, Vermont,” says Tarr.

Tarr is the founder and CEO of NEHP (formerly called New England High Purity), a Willison company that creates customized systems for modular construction of microelectronics, pharmaceutical, and biotech facilities. NEHP’s initial focus was the electronics industry, for which it provides two things: modular utility-hookup kits for semiconductor tools used by the likes of Intel or IBM to manufacture chips; and turnkey installation of the product. “We can provide a modular kit for almost any type of semiconductor tool out there. That’s the goal, to reduce construction and coordination on-site.”

On the business side of things, finding capital resources was challenging. “FreshTracks Capital is part owner in NEHP,” Tarr says. “Their experience and expertise has given NEHP some of the resources to expand and gain larger contracts. NEHP continues to grow while needing more capital and resources to meet our future customer needs.”