FreshTracks Announces its 1st Investment From FreshTracks IV

FreshTracks Capital is pleased to announce its first investment out of FreshTracks IV in Wuu, Inc.,  an Over the Top (“OTT”) mobile messaging platform (similar to SnapChat, Instagram & WhatsApp) that is designed to be beautiful, bold & visually creative.  Wuu was created and designed by artist & entrepreneur Paul Budnitz (KidRobot, Ello & Budnitz Bicycles), The idea came to Budnitz as he rode Amtrak home to Vermont after a speech in New York. “I was thinking about how me and my wife and my best friends interact using social media,” he says. “I wanted something different. Something that was beautiful and private that didn’t feel like it was built for an advertiser or data miner.” After months of beta testing he hit Apple’s 2,000-user limit for its TestFlight app, so he launched it. To read more, visit:  The Guy Behind Ello Just Built a Better Snapchat and Sharing Love is Better Than Getting Likes.