Bloomberg BusinessWeek on Ello

Ello, based in the unlikely conclave of Burlington, Vt., hopes it’s a little bit different. Since beginning a limited beta test in August, the site has been deluged with requests from prospective members, particularly those upset by Facebook’s ubiquitous advertisements and insistence on the use of people’s real names.

A Social Network with No Ads?

The social media site promises not to show its users ads or mine their data. And Ello is striking a chord with consumers: The social media site said it’s getting 45,000 requests to join an hour.

7 Things to Know about Ello

But Ello has been brewing for months — in Vermont, of all places. The company is based in Burlington and funded by Vermont venture capital.

Is this Ello’s Time to Shine

Into this space has come a most unlikely underdog that has gained a sudden and sweeping momentum. Ello, a small, invite-only, formerly private social network created by seven artists and programmers, may still be operating in beta, but it has seized upon the primary gripes of the Facebook-disenchanted without much effort.

Bridj – Creating Better Routes

Economist coverage of Bridj: Yet a more interesting variation of the concept (which has been around for quite some time on the old continent in the form of sites such as BlaBlaCar and is the service offered by Bridj, a startup based in Boston. It crunches data from many sources, including Google Earth, Facebook,… Read more »

Bridj to Expand On Demand Bus Service

Matthew George, the 24-year-old Bridj founder, said the bus network will operate with an initial capacity of about 500 riders a day and scale up to 15,000 passengers over time. More than 10,000 people have already signed up for the service.

Bridj Raises $4MM, Hires Gabe Klein to Reinvent Your Commute

TechCrunch coverage of Bridj:   Boston-based Bridj thinks it can do better, by implementing a low-cost alternative to those options. Rather than launching another single ride-hailing service, the company is building a series of dynamically generated bus routes. To aid in that quest, Bridj has raised $4 million in funding and made a big new… Read more »